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"The first YUKI bags was born in 2003, in my small apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. I had just traveled to Japan, and back in Lisbon, I resumed my classes of Ninjutsu, a martial art. At that point, and after years of carrying my equipment to class in random bags and pouches, I realized it was time to get one practical, versatile bag where I could put my workout clothes and bring them to class, along with my personal items. The funny thing is I could find none of the sorts. Most bags had too many frills, pockets, and unnecessary bells and whistles, while I wanted a simple bag I could either carry on my shoulder or as a backpack so that I could ride my bike around town and go to class.

That’s when I realized, the bag I wanted didn’t exist, and YUKI bags was born." - Patricia, founder of YUKI.

 YUKI bags strives to achieve a perfect balance of function and form. Every tiny corner of our bags was thought through, in order that you can enjoy a bag that has exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. 

Our products are a result of our quest for simplicity and versatility. We now offer a wide array of sizes, models and color schemes for you to choose from. YUKI bags are great for year-round use in the city, as well as weekend getaways in the countryside. Our bags are made of surplus car upholstery which is soft, lightweight, comfortable and durable. On the inside, they are made with waterproof vinyl, so that your gear is always padded and insulated. Most of our backpacks have a laptop sleeve inside. That way you can combine work and play. The materials we use not only differentiate our bags but make them very comfortable to wear and durable.


Over the last ten years, we have partnered with a variety of people and businesses–music festivals, sound engineers, advertising agencies, just to name a few - who helped us push our brand forward. For them, we created specific bags to meet their needs, built from scratch and to specification. Innovation is a part of our core values, and we always look to create something unique and tailor it to specific needs. 

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YUKI bags is a brand dedicated to creating truly distinctive and unique handmade high quality products made of surplus car upholstery. We are proud to offer high quality products and have a growing base of very happy customers. 

Thanks for visiting our website today and we hope you find a bag you love.